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A procrastinator’s guide to motivation

I am a big-time procrastinator, just like you. Trust me when I say this, It took me months to write this and kick start this blog of my own. So, I understand exactly what goes in your mind whenever you want to start something new or finish some ongoing tasks. I know when you look at the self-motivated bunch of people, you wonder “How do they do it?”. Well, we are the same.

I know it’s difficult to push yourself for doing something, especially when it’s not urgent. But it costs a lot in the long run if the work is damn important. So, today, I am sharing 7 tips that have helped me overcome my procrastination and increase productivity. These are fairly simple and easy to do.

1. Procrastinate some more:

Swim in your reverie and visualize how would you feel if you finish that task that has been sitting on your to-do list for months now. Imagine the happiness, feel the emotions.

2. Don’t shut your distractions:

Do not unsubscribe to Netflix or delete that gaming app you spend truckloads of time on. It sucks all the energy out of you. Instead, use it your advantage. Say after you complete the first two tasks, you will reward yourself with one episode of your favorite series you are watching. It keeps you motivated, energized and you complete that task faster.

“ Do not unsubscribe to Netflix or delete that gaming app, instead reward yourself with one episode of your favorite series after you complete your tasks ”

3. Bath before starting your work:

If you just wake up from your bed and start doing something, you will feel uninterested. It’s actually not your fault, your body just woke up and is still sleepy and lazy. So, if you think of doing something then, your obvious response will be “I will do it later”. But once you have bathed you will be fresh, energetic, and willing to start something new.

4. Listen to your favorite music:

Well, we are great procrastinators and we know it. So, keep a playlist ready for such situations when you are bored and don’t feel like working. It doesn’t have to be motivational songs from Imagine Dragons or One Republic. It can be your favorite song from a band that probably no one has ever heard or any Bollywood item dance. It should be yours uniquely. And when you’ll listen to it, it will provide you energy.

5. Tidy up your place:

You won’t have to clean the whole house. Just clean up the place where you usually sit and work. Decorate it with flowers or funny wall posters. If the place where you are sitting looks good, then you would want to go there, sit and work. Most importantly never work from your bed. You will doze off every other hour.

6. Exercise:

Tired of hearing this right? Well, I am not asking you to do push-ups or bench press. Just 5-10 sit-ups, 1 minute of on the spot running and a little bit of stretching, that’s all. Remember when as a kid you were punished for doing some mischief and asked to do 50 sit-ups? That was done for a reason.

7. Drink lots of water:

I don’t want to sound like your Mom but well its science, water keeps you hydrated and thus focused for a longer time. It also makes you pee often and tada you get your breaks as well.

Pretty simple right? Let’s get going!

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