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What is your source of inspiration?

During my IIM interviews and even growing up as a child, I have been asked this question by a lot of people – Who is your idol? Of course...

Book Summary: The 5 Love Languages

First of all, who should read this book. Although, it is specifically written for married couples who are facing troubles with their...

Leverage your support system

Are you one of those persons who likes to keep things to herself rather than sharing with someone? If yes, then please go through this...

Spotlight: National Education Policy 2020

As a student, I always used to complain about the education system. I never liked giving exams or strict teachers. Discipline was boring....

Experience of online MBA

It's been 1.5 months since my 2nd year of MBA started online. Recently I gave three of my academic exams also online. The experience was...

A procrastinator’s guide to motivation

I am a big-time procrastinator, just like you. I am sharing 7 tips that has helped me overcome my procrastination and increase productivity

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MBA Student, IIM Rohtak

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